A taste of Fia games.

Feb 5, 2023News, Race Weekends

The team and a week later after lifting the Tcr Uk championship were travelling to the south of France at the famous Paul Richard.

The facilities were incredible and the FIA were fantastic to all the competitors. We had 3/4 hours of scrutinising and the car passed with flying colours. At this event the Jas motorsport attend the event as the Honda representative and what a five days we’ll never forget. This event has given the team a taste for more not only there but every we’re with the new World Series races this wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t have taken the opportunity in the Tcr Uk series.

The weekend was as fantastic we started in p12 after qualifying.

Chris yet again after Snetterton a week earlier had the race of his life we’re he managed to finish p10, we’d had a brake problem all week but then after the race we’d found the problem and then in race 2 we moved up again and made it up to 6th but ended up finishing 8 at the end of the race and the fastest of the none European series racers.

The season will see the team join some races in the European series in 2023. The team have a second driver Scott Sumpton and now we will do Tcr Uk with both drivers and some selected races in Europe.






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