Restart Racing Secures Performance Partnership with AIRTEC Motorsport for the 2024 BTCC Season

May 9, 2024News, Restart Racing

Restart Racing is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with AIRTEC Motorsport, a leading supplier of performance automotive parts. This collaboration brings AIRTEC Motorsport on board as an official partner, providing a variety of high-quality components designed to enhance cooling and efficiency for Restart Racing’s Cupra Leon’s in the 2024 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) season.

As a prominent name in performance automotive engineering, AIRTEC Motorsport is known for delivering innovative and reliable parts that drive teams to achieve their best on the track. Their expertise in advanced cooling solutions and performance enhancement will be crucial in helping Restart Racing maintain peak efficiency throughout the rigorous BTCC season.

Chris Smiley, one of Restart Racing’s drivers, shared his thoughts on the partnership: “Having AIRTEC Motorsport’s performance parts in our cars gives us the edge we need to remain competitive. Their reputation for producing quality, high-performing components is well established, and we’re excited to have their support in ensuring our vehicles are optimised for maximum cooling and efficiency.”

Ben Taylor, Team Principal of Restart Racing, also expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “Partnering with AIRTEC Motorsport is a significant step for us. Their performance parts are critical to our goals of maintaining efficiency and reliability throughout the BTCC season. With their expertise, we are confident that our cars will be equipped to perform at their best. We’re thrilled to have AIRTEC Motorsport as a partner and look forward to a successful collaboration.”

Alan Shepherd, Director of AIRTEC Motorsport, highlighted the importance of the partnership: “We are delighted to be working with Restart Racing for the 2024 BTCC season. Our aim is to provide them with a range of high-performance parts that will ensure their cars are operating at peak performance. With our advanced cooling solutions and efficiency-boosting components, we are excited to support Restart Racing in reaching its goals this season.”

The partnership between Restart Racing and AIRTEC Motorsport exemplifies a shared commitment to excellence and performance in motorsport. With AIRTEC Motorsport’s support, Restart Racing is set to optimise their cars as the team looks to make a significant impact in their debut BTCC season.

About AIRTEC Motorsport

AIRTEC Motorsport is a premier provider of performance automotive parts, specialising in innovative cooling solutions and efficiency-enhancing components. With a commitment to quality and innovation, AIRTEC Motorsport is trusted by racing teams and enthusiasts alike to deliver top-tier products that help vehicles achieve peak performance. For more information, visit

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